A platform with purpose.

The Aisle7® platform equips dietary supplement retailers with expert health content in any digital platform to help consumers make informed product decisions. The Aisle7 software platform gives retailers access to a deep well of fully-referenced, peer-reviewed, science-based health and wellness content and tools from our team of interdisciplinary health experts.

The Aisle7 Omnichannel Approach

Aisle7 delivers all the expert health content you need in whatever platform you want.

Our team of Client Services professionals offers unparalleled domain expertise to help you execute your digital marketing strategies.

Aisle7 In-Store

The Aisle7 In-Store platform equips your staff with relevant information about vitamins, supplements, ingredients, and health concerns to share with your customers.

  • Search: Easily access the most comprehensive supplement information database available.
  • Healthnotes NewswireTM: View daily news to stay up-to-date and cut through the media clutter.
  • Common Questions: Quickly find science-backed answers to customers’ FAQs.
  • Ask an Expert: Get personalized expert answers to customers’ unique supplement questions.

Aisle7 Online and Mobile

Leverage the deep well of Aisle7 content to position yourself as a category expert for digital marketing initiatives.

  • Health Concerns: Search our library for fully referenced, science-backed content on common health concerns.
  • Vitamins, Herbs, and Ingredients: Delve into our encyclopedia of the most popular ingredients with information on uses, dosages, and safety cautions.
  • Healthnotes NewswireTM: Get fresh and topical content published daily.
  • Responsive Design: Our content integrates into your website design and presentation.
  • Content Explorer: Grab relevant content for marketing campaigns and platforms.

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Aisle7 Decision Tools

Drive consumer engagement and increase sales in-store and online.

Aisle7 Vitamin AdvisorTM

The Aisle7 Vitamin Advisor is a short questionnaire that provides your customers with instant, personalized product recommendations based on their answers.

  • Help customers navigate confusing product categories with personalized recommendations.
  • Streamlined implementation and responsive design to easily integrate into existing websites and apps.
  • Configurable to promote your marketing and merchandising initiatives.
  • Built-in add-to-cart functionality to boost sales.

Aisle7 Interactions CheckerTM

The Aisle7 Interactions Checker provides consumers with drug, nutrient, and food interaction information to enhance buyer confidence.

  • Comprehensive, science-based library of thousands of beneficial and adverse drug–nutrient, drug-drug and drug-food interactions.
  • API consists of sophisticated web services to support pharmacist and/or patient use within an automated, data-driven workflow.
  • Use on any device— omnichannel API is fully responsive by design.

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