Purpose-built, regulatory compliance software for the dietary supplement industry.

Digitize, centralize, and standardize the processes, research, and documentation required to support compliance and substantiate product label claims.

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The Problem

For most dietary supplement manufacturers, navigating the global supply chain to qualify suppliers and source raw materials, as well as managing regulatory compliance data and documentation, is a frustratingly complex and inefficient process that can leave manufacturers unprepared for FDA audits.

The Solution

Vitature: The cloud-based solution that digitizes, centralizes, and standardizes raw material compliance data and documentation and streamlines workflows, approvals and procurement—increasing efficiency and reducing audit risk.

Research Ingredients and

Build Material Specifications

Leverage the Smart Ingredient Taxonomy and the Healthnotes Interactions Database to research ingredients and build material specifications. Download our data brief here.

Features List

  • Built from various sources including supplement labels and ingredients, MeSH taxonomy, regulatory lists, industry publications, and input from subject matter experts.
  • Data on over 17,000 ingredients. Organized hierarchically by type, class node, order, family, genus, species, parts used, prep method, and ingredient descriptors.
  • Ingredient data regarding safety (such as Prop 65, FDA alerts and advisories, and known adulterants), regulatory notifications (such as GRAS, NDI, Pre-DSHEA, and HOC), and products on the market using the ingredient.
  • Tools to build material specifications, find suppliers matching your criteria, and compare supplier-provided specifications against your material specifications.
  • Material specification templates, built with guidance from the SIDI (Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients) Work Group, to build, manage, and compare material specifications.
  • Tracking of all material-related data, such as toxins, allergens, heavy metals, and nutrition and composition information for use in bulk formulas and label claim substantiation.

Substantiate Label Claims

Use the comprehensive Vitature Science Database with over 300,000 citations curated by subject matter experts—filterable by health topic, study type, and journal ranking—to research ingredients and substantiate label claims.

Features List

  • Use the Healthnotes Interactions Database to analyze drug and supplement interactions and side effects.
  • Build evidence for structure/function claims.
  • Associate studies with label claims and bulk formulas.
  • Determine effective dosage levels.
  • Evaluate ingredient safety.
  • Research new ingredients.
  • Research novel uses for ingredients.

Manage Compliance and

Mitigate Risk

Assign expiration dates to crucial documents and be automatically alerted before they expire. Guarantee Part 11-compliance with electronic signatures and digital audit trails. Learn more about how Vitature supports compliance and standardization.

Features List

  • Track all activities and approvals.
  • Track material statuses.
  • Track compliance and completeness of materials and supplier materials.
  • Compare supplier material specifications.
  • View and approve supplier materials.
  • Manage certification and documentation expiration dates.
  • Export to Excel and PDF for all data and documentation.
  • Sign electronically for accountability, auditability, and data integrity.

Manage Bulk Formulas

Create bulk formulas and see all raw materials associated with them to substantiate label claims, and to determine formulation changes and how new materials might affect a product.

Features List

  • Streamline product development and reformulation and quickly see if anything is incompliant.
  • View dynamic charts that compare regulatory statuses, toxins, allergens, certifications, and nutrition and composition data across raw materials.
  • Export to Excel and PDF for use outside of Vitature.

Secure Supplier

Collaboration Portal

Qualify suppliers and their materials via a secure collaboration portal.

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Submit RFIs, request data and documentation, and be automatically notified when suppliers make updates or submit new information—all in one place. Compare supplier-submitted data against your material specifications, streamlining the approval and procurement process.

Features List:

  • Manage supplier company and material qualifications.
  • Allow suppliers to upload all raw material specifications, data, and requested documentation to a secure, online portal.
  • View supplier scorecard showing completeness of material and company qualification documentation.
  • Approve supplier-submitted data and documentation using Part 11-compliant electronic signatures.
  • Keep a digital audit trail—ensuring accountability, auditability, and data integrity.

You talk, we listen

“You guys are telling me what I tell my boss everyday. We need this.”

–R&D Special Projects Manager at leading manufacturer

“The process is—what do we have and what are we missing—so what you’re doing is spot on.”

–Director of R&D at large manufacturer

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