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TraceGains Acquires Healthnotes

Social media sites aimed at professionals, such as LinkedIn, are traditionally the realm of job seekers and recruiters. But it can also lead to connections with greater implications.

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Supplier Network Growing Rapidly

The VP of Supply Chain at ANS, Matt Spicer, and his team use Vitature to manage their supply chain compliance and forge relationships with new suppliers. ANS requests that new suppliers register with Vitature before formally engaging with them.

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Twenty Years at Healthnotes

It’s hard to believe Healthnotes is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It’s been quite a journey, and we wouldn’t be here without our talented team and our many valued relationships throughout the supplement industry.

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Risk Assessment

As a dietary supplement manufacturer, how valuable would it be to you if, with the press of a button, you could instantly see the compliance status of your suppliers and their materials? How much labor, money, and time do you currently spend collecting this information?

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The 23rd Fold

Three years ago, my company, Healthnotes, began exploring the influence of exponential technology on the dietary supplement industry’s supply chain. What we uncovered was truly shocking.

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Potential Impact of the 2016 FDA NDI Draft Guidance

The newly published FDA New Dietary Ingredient Draft Guidance could significantly alter the way the industry does business. The data presented in this article show the potential number of products affected and the consequent economic impact could be substantial.

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