Is Your Retail Business DSHEA Compliant?

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What Is DSHEA?

DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) passed in 1994 and established a class of ingredients as dietary supplements, removing them from the categories of drugs and food additives. DSHEA created a national regulatory framework for dietary supplements by:

  • defining dietary supplements;
  • setting safety standards for dietary supplements;
  • outlining strict guidelines for the use of health-related, third-party literature; and
  • establishing statements of nutritional support (commonly known as structure/function claims).

For retailers, DSHEA matters because it defines what you can and can’t say in connection with the sale of supplements.

How Does the Aisle7® Product Line Ensure Retailer DSHEA Compliance?

Retailers are in a prime position to provide information to customers on the dietary supplement products they sell. However, giving customers the information they need to make informed purchases is tricky. Retailers and most store employees (pharmacists excluded) are not allowed to diagnose symptoms or prescribe a supplement regimen. Aisle7 products can help.

Aisle7 products equip dietary supplement retailers with expert health content in any digital platform to help consumers make informed product decisions. The content is referenced, peer-reviewed, science-based, and reviewed by our team of interdisciplinary health specialists.

Aisle7 content has been carefully designed to meet the standards for third-party literature as required by DSHEA, giving retailers a way to lawfully provide their customers with supplement information. Specifically, the Aisle7 product line supports DSHEA because:

  • It is not false or misleading.
  • It doesn’t promote a particular brand or manufacturer.
  • It is balanced (meaning it presents the pros and cons and the state of the science).
  • It is kept physically separate from the product.
  • It uses official abstracts of singles studies, or summarizes a group of studies.

Why Choose the Aisle7 Product Line for Retail DSHEA Compliance?

The experts behind the Aisle7 product line have twenty years of expertise building a health and wellness library that sets the standard for science-based, DSHEA-compliant supplement education. This means:

  • We evaluate all forms of information by the same criteria so you get a complete, unbiased picture of safety and effectiveness.
  • All medical and scientific data is fully referenced.
  • We track 600+ reputable journals to keep our content accurate and up-to-date.
  • Authors of articles on health conditions, pharmaceuticals, herbal and nutritional supplements, and diet have academic qualifications, as well as clinical and teaching experience.

Everyone involved in selling supplements (from manufacturers to retailers) shares the responsibility of providing customers with a reliable third-party education resource like Aisle7 In-Store™ or Aisle7 Online™  to educate shoppers and answer their questions. The Aisle7 product line does this while seamlessly integrating into your retail business practices, allowing you to provide a higher level of customer service at the point of sale while staying within the boundaries of the law.

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