When suppliers join the growing Vitature supplier network, they gain access to potential business partners and enhance their product catalog’s visibility.

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Vitature® is the cloud-based solution that digitizes, centralizes, and standardizes the exchange of material compliance data and documentation between finished goods manufacturers and raw material suppliers.

Purpose-built for the dietary supplement industry, Vitature leverages the Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients (SIDI) Protocol’s compliance recommendations in one interface to standardize information shared during the qualification process.

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How Does Vitature Benefit Suppliers?


The centralized platform for responding to customer requests, and managing your compliance data, documentation, and company profile, is accessible from any web browser.

Standardizes Information Exchange

Template-based data forms and standardized document checklists organize your compliance data and documentation. No more entering the same information into 100 different forms!

Automates Manual Processes

Upload all your product data and documentation at once and leverage it for multiple customer requests. Inform your customers of product documentation changes before they happen!

Ensures Part 11 Compliance

Your secure account allows you to control what information and documentation is shared in response to customer qualification requests. Maintain digital audit trails of all communication between you and your customers.

Manages Document Expirations

Tracks your customer’s expiring documents and provides quick updates.

Boosts Your Competitive Advantage

Provides the safety and business practices you need to be more proactive with existing customers and to turn prospects into new customers.

Respond to Customer Requests

Reduce email back-and-forth with your potential customers. View and manage customer requests in one place.

Manages Your Company Profile

Includes a growing database of suppliers with product catalogs, when available. Make sure your company profile and contact information are up-to-date so potential customers can find you and connect directly.

Increases Your Product Catalog’s Visibility

Upload your product listings into a searchable database so potential (and existing) customers can find your products and connect directly with you via secure qualification requests.

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