Is Your Supply Chain Compliant?

Managing your supply chain just got easier with Vitature.
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Get real-time insight into the regulatory compliance status of your supply chain.

Don’t let the compliance state of your supply chain surprise you. Take control with Vitature, the cloud-based platform that gives you instant supply chain visibility. Vitature eliminates surprises, transforms qualification, and helps you seamlessly manage raw material suppliers, compliance data, and so much more.

Start with Supplier Compliance Management—add functionality as your needs grow.

Supplier Compliance Management

Mitigate risk—get high-beam visibility into the status of your raw material suppliers.

Material Compliance Management

Get to market faster—tackle material specifications, qualifications, and label claim substantiation in one place.

Bulk Formula Compliance Management

Be in control—identify how changes to suppliers and raw materials impact existing label claims for your finished formulas.



Supplier Compliance Management

Supplier Compliance Management

Discover: Effortlessly pinpoint new raw material sources via our growing network of Vitature-registered suppliers.

Qualify: Streamline the supplier and raw material qualification process. Automate the exchange of compliance data and documentation.

Maintain: Use dashboard reports to stay up on the status and risk of your entire supply chain. Auto-notifications alert you to actions needed for supplier compliance, including document expiration’s.



Material Compliance Management

Material Compliance Management

Discover: Research ingredients early in the product development process. Dive deep into our integrated science and regulatory databases connected to our proprietary taxonomy of over 19,000 ingredients.

Qualify: Get a complete compliance picture for potential materials and suppliers. Leverage standardized specification and data sheet templates based on the SIDI™ Protocol.

Maintain: View dashboard reports on the status and risk of your raw materials. Auto-notifications alert you to actions needed for material compliance. Workflow tools and administrative functionalities make working across teams a breeze.


Bulk Formula Compliance Management

Bulk Formula Compliance Management

Discover: See how material specifications combine by creating bulk formulas using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Qualify: Harness our UPC label survey of over 50,000 products for bench-marking product development. Export formula information for customers, regulators, and labels.

Maintain: Compare supplier specification changes against formula and label claim requirements. Store and update structure/function claims. Access reports on attributes critical for label compliance.

Our Customers Are Talking

“As a contract manufacturer, having a central repository with automated workflow to manage our raw material compliance documentation and collaboration with suppliers will greatly improve our ability to serve our customers, and our regulatory audit preparation.”

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Tom Dubinski

Vice President of Quality Systems, Arizona Nutritional Supplements

“Being able to leverage Vitature to help us manage the supplier qualification and regulatory compliance process and documentation will provide us with more efficiencies and insight into the compliance of our supply chain than we currently have today.”

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Travis Borchardt

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and QC/QA, Nature's Way

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